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Sarah, a Woman of Faith
February 3, 2019

Sarah, a Woman of Faith

Passage: Hebrews 11:11-12
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What is this portion of the text really about? Abraham or Sarah? What do we do with the differences even between versions? How was Sarah a woman of faith? Does the text indicate that they had given up hope in having children? How does Isaac's name show that Sarah correctly responded to her rebuke? How can we be sure in scripture that faith does not mean the absence of struggle? How are the inspired authors careful about not setting an impossible standard of faith? Can you imagine Sarah's frustration? How unique is this visit in Genesis 18? Did Abraham laugh earlier in this story? What indications in the text show these men were not ordinary men?

Find out the answers to these questions on this Sunday's sermon by Pastor Rodney Schuler. We hope you are blessed by the ministry of Calvary Baptist Church!