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Pergamum: The Tolerant Church
November 17, 2019

Pergamum: The Tolerant Church

Passage: Revelation 2:12-17
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Now we are at the third church in this series of seven. This letter leaves us with a lot of questions. We trust you will learn something new working through this passage yourself and listening to Pastor Rodney Schuler.

  • What three things are unique to Pergamum?
  • What was a practice in the culture of Pergamos that was identical to Smyrna's just taken much farther?
  • Was there a threat to the lives of the Christians at Pergamum?
  • What is "testimony" synonymous to in the Greek?
  • What cultural indicators do you see in our daily lives? (i.e. "Co-exist bumper stickers)
  • How is the story of Balaam connected with this church?
  • How was the church of Corinth similar with the church at Pergamum?
  • Can one man or woman's sin impact the whole church?
  • Does v.17 have a warning to all churches?
  • How much of the future Millennium Kingdom is connected with this passage?
  • If there is true repentance, then can there be true forgiveness?

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