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The Persecuted Church
November 10, 2019

The Persecuted Church

Passage: Revelation 2:8-11
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It grieves us to hear of all the persecution that is going on in other parts of the world (Nigeria, China, Hong Kong etc...); its almost uncanny how many churches are out there that are just like the church at Smyrna. We urge you to pray for these churches. Please consider spending time in prayer like our church did towards the end of this sermon. 

Questions to think about:

  1. Why isn't the Smyrnain church's love called into question?
  2. Does God know in meticulous detail what these believers (and us) are going through?
  3. Did Jesus ever say it would be "easy" to be a Christian?
  4. How was the church at Smyrna rich?
  5. What does James 2:5 say about believers like those at Smyrna?
  6. How were the these believers most likely slandered? How do you handle slander?
  7. What are these "ten days" representing? Are they literal? Metaphorical?
  8. What are you willing to take a stand for despite undergoing persecution?
  9. What are the odds of someone handling the "BIG" persecution (loss of life, job, homes etc...) if he or she cannot handle the smaller persecutions (mockery, slander, etc...)?

We hope you were blessed and challenged by the ministry of Calvary Baptist Church. Here at Calvary, we understand the power of prayer (Mark 11:24, Philippians 4:6-7) and would humbly ask you if you would be willing to pray for Calvary Baptist Church. Please pray that we would be faithful to the Lord and that we would be a beacon of bright light in this dark world. If the Lord would lead you to consider supporting Calvary financially you can follow the link below. Any gift, no matter how small, will be used to further the Lord's work.