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Thyatira, The Church of Jezebel
November 24, 2019

Thyatira, The Church of Jezebel

Passage: Revelation 2:18-29
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This entire series so far as been both sobering and encouraging. Individuals make up a church. For the good of the church and the gospel, sin cannot be tolerated. Will you choose to be like Christ when temptation comes?

  1. What makes this church unique?
  2. What temptations did this church face?
  3. Do we see this same type of temptation today?
  4. How has this church gone farther than the church at Pergamos?
  5. Was this woman in the church actually named "Jezebel"?
  6. How is God's mercy displayed in this letter?
  7. What New Testament example does Pastor Schuler give showing that sometimes error is a "sin unto death"?
  8. How does past history in mainline denominations show how relevant this text is?
  9. According to Jeremiah 17:10 - What must we do?
  10. Who is the "morning star" in verse 28?

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