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We are not “fine”
April 7, 2019

We are not “fine”

Passage: Ephesians 4
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There is one problem that continues to threaten the church especially in America and the problem is we are tempted to hide our real, serious problems behind statements like, "I'm fine", "We're okay". In this sermon, Ian Fennell (one of Calvary's Youth Leaders) lays open this error and challenges us to stop making excuses. We must recognize that while we each have different abilities, skill sets, gifts (and that is a good thing), we all have the same goal. And the goal is pushing each other towards Christ. Is the "I've got this" mentality preventing you from going to someone with your sin struggle? Is the "they wouldn't understand" mentality preventing you from sharing with people what is truly going on in your life? We would all do well to meditate a bit more on passages like 1 Corinthians 10:13.

"The fear of what others might think is not worth the sin of hiding our struggles"

We trust you are blessed by the ministry of Calvary Baptist Church. Thank you for listening!