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Noah: A Future-Oriented Faith
January 13, 2019

Noah: A Future-Oriented Faith

Passage: Hebrews 11:7
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Do you take God's Word seriously like Noah? Was there any empirical evidence of "floods" or "flooding" before this time in history? Had anyone ever seen "rain" before this time? How does Noah's persecution relate to our modern persecution (especially in the workplace)? Does God's blessing in our lives often spill over to other people and is there scripture evidence for this? If preaching does not have fruit, does it necessarily mean the preaching was in some way erroneous? (What about Christ's preaching? What about Noah's preaching?) What do scoffers often say today that ironically fulfills 2 Peter 3:3-5? How must you be saved?

Find out on this Sundays message by Pastor Rodney Schuler. We hope you are blessed by the ministry of Calvary Baptist Church.