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Abraham’s Faith: A Certain Hope
January 20, 2019

Abraham’s Faith: A Certain Hope

Passage: Hebrews 11:8-10
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"When God speaks, faith obeys"

How was Abraham faithful? When did God give Abraham the Promise of the Land? What major decision did Abraham have to make that we also have to make when we are faced with an uncertain future? How is faith connected with hope? How specific was God's promise to Abraham back in Genesis 12? How long had Abraham wandered in the land waiting for the promise? How long did Isaac wait? What about Jacob? Did the patriarchs understand this future promise could be after their lifetimes? How far does your hope go? How does this encourage us in our deepest struggles? Is it wrong to think that all of God's promises will be fulfilled in our lifetime? What is the city in Hebrews 11:10? When will the land be ultimately fulfilled? For how long?

Find out on this Sundays sermon by Pastor Rodney Schuler. We hope you are blessed by the ministry of Calvary Baptist Church!