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Confidence and Hope
September 1, 2019

Confidence and Hope

Passage: Philemon 21-22
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There is a tremendous difference between an appeal vs a command. When someone commands us to do something, part of our sin nature (that likes it when we play as "god") rebuffs against it. However, when someone makes a heartfelt appeal on an issue where deep down we know they are right, the Holy Spirit can use that to tug on our heart. Paul is not teaching us how to manipulate people and using Philemon as an example. Paul is trying to use the best method to point Philemon to the truth.

  • Why did Paul add "more" in verse 21? To provoke the introspection of Philemon?
  • What are we saved to do?
  • Is forgiveness a command in the Bible?
  • How does Philemon answer some very important questions about our recent American slavery history?
  • What is the difference between Christians with sin issues like (stealing, lying etc...) compared to marred fellowship?

Find out the answers on this mornings sermon by Pastor Rodney Schuler.

"Make it a hobby to find out how to love people" - Pastor Rodney Schuler

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