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The Davidic Covenant
May 5, 2019

The Davidic Covenant

Passage: 2 Samuel 7:1-17
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2 Samuel 7 is one of the most central passages to the Old Testament. It is a fascinating passage because it teaches us so much of how we should worship God. In this passage, a great king (David) and a great prophet (Nathan) come up with a big idea on changing where they worshipped God, from a tabernacle to a temple. The only problem is, they never involved God in their plans. So God visits Nathan that night to give a mild rebuke and tell them what God's plans are for the future.

In this passage, what about God's rebuke shows that David should have been humble? Is God's promise to David conditional or unconditional? What three things cannot stop the future Davidic kingdom ruled by Christ (Luke 1:31)? What are 5 prophetic conditions on this future kingdom?

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