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The Absalom Conspiracy
September 29, 2019

The Absalom Conspiracy

Passage: 2 Samuel 15:1-12
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Biblically, this is yet another text that proves that people haven't changed since the fall of man. 2 Samuel 15 reads off like a news article about modern day politics.

  1. Do you see any humility or gratitude with Absalom?
  2. How does Absalom want to be treated?
  3. What is Absalom fostering?
  4. What evidence do we have in scripture to prove Absalom was lying?
  5. What are the last words of King David to his son Absalom?
  6. What deception do you see in verse 11?
  7. How should we look at this text in terms of God's sovereignty?
  8. What does this text teach us about raising children?
  9. Does out-of-control ambition hurt others?
  10. What should be characteristic of a believer?

Find out the answers in this Sundays sermon by Pastor Rodney Schuler.

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