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How Long, O Lord!
April 14, 2019

How Long, O Lord!

Passage: Daniel 12:5-13
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Have you ever been in a witnessing situation where you're sharing your faith and for whatever reason, the conversation is jumping between many different topics and you get caught thinking, "Now, where does it say that in the Bible again?" You've accidentally forgotten the supporting (not "proof-text") passage! It happens. It also happens with topics people are very passionate about, like end-time events. Daniel 12:5-13 clears some things up. This is one of the few texts that point towards a Pre-trib eschatological position. Some questions to keep in mind with this text:

  • Noting what we have in scripture, can we fill inĀ all the pieces of Biblical prophecy? Why not?
  • How will Israel respond to the catastrophe of the tribulation?
  • Who will be allowed in the Kingdom?
  • How does this passage encourage us to be faithful?
  • How is Daniel treated at the end of this book?

We trust you are blessed by the preaching and teaching of Pastor Rodney Schuler. Thanks for listening!