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Faith and the Resurrection
February 17, 2019

Faith and the Resurrection

Passage: Hebrews 11:17-19
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If we are not careful, even as believers, we can fall into the trap of letting our culture or even bad philosophical ideas from two millennia ago confuse our thinking on the plain meaning of the text of scripture. One such area is how we view the afterlife. Typically its taboo for people to think about their death. If we are confronted with that uncomfortable reality, we can get into the habit of thinking, "Well, when I die I'll be in heaven and that's that." And while this is true for the believer in Christ, there is more to it than that. We look forward to the bodily resurrection. 

How does Jesus defend the bodily resurrection? Does Abraham reason the same as Christ? How did the Patriarchs give evidence to the fact that they believed in a bodily resurrection? How important was the body to Jacob and Joseph? How did Paul talk about the resurrection?

If these questions are answered thoroughly, then you will be less tempted to undervalue the resurrection, Christ's bodily sacrifice, God's Word, and even your own physical body. There is more joy to be found in understanding all of God's promises for believers. We have much to look forward to. Find out the answers to these questions from this Sundays message by Pastor Rodney Schuler. We hope you are blessed by the ministry of Calvary Baptist Church.