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Creation Ex Nihilio
December 16, 2018

Creation Ex Nihilio

Passage: Hebrews 11:3
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What part does "faith" play in the theories of evolution? Are the days in Genesis 1 literal 24-hour days? Did God create the world with the appearance of age? (And what scripture is there to support this?) Does the theory of evolution give divine attributes to creation just as Romans 1 foretells? Do you believe what God states in His Word? Is the material eternal? Can you have something come from nothing? Where is "reason" in the discussion of faith? What is the real reason why many evolutionists reject creationism? How should we biblically define "faith"? How is the hotly debated topic of abortion diametrically different in the Biblical worldview? What opens up if we accept by faith God's Word? What is the most practical thing I could ever learn?

Find out on this Sunday's sermon given by Pastor Rodney Schuler at Calvary Baptist Church. We hope you are blessed by this ministry.

Helpful resources: Answers in Genesis (Ken Ham resources), Institute for Creation Research, Ark Encounter, Creation Museum etc...