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A Father Son Meeting
September 22, 2019

A Father Son Meeting

Passage: 2 Samuel 14:21-33
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Popularity and appearance are overvalued today much like they were back in Bible times. We have to remember that neither indicate a closer walk with God. Good looks and charisma did not save King Saul.

  1. How does God view rebellion?
  2. What other dysfunctional family situations are there in scripture?
  3. Is Joab's plan a good idea?
  4. Why does the author switch from referring to David as "David" to "the king" repeatedly?
  5. Does Absalom have the qualifications to be king?
  6. How does Absalom view himself?
  7. Is verse 33 a great reconciliation?
  8. How is Absalom not like the prodigal son?
  9. Is popularity a sign of divine approval?

Find out the answers to these questions in this sermon by Pastor Rodney Schuler.

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