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The Great Struggle in the Days Ahead
March 10, 2019

The Great Struggle in the Days Ahead

Passage: Daniel 11:2-35
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Sometimes scripture is so incredibly accurate in its prophecy that the only thing that redaction and higher critics can do is wave off the historical details in places like Daniel 11 despite the evidence. [Over 130 details fulfilled in this text!] Pastor Schuler does a great job filling in the names and dates that Daniel 11 alludes to. This historical drama (roughly 312 BC to 168 BC) is significant to the Jewish people because it was their land the King of the North and South fought on. What is the overarching point of this section? That God is sovereign not only over His people but the Gentile nations as well. Towards the end of these battles and persecutions of the Jewish people, we see revival. Persecution often encourages a purification process within the church. We need to have a biblical perspective of persecution.

Thank you for listening to this sermon by Pastor Rodney Schuler, we trust you were blessed by the preaching of God's Word.

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