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The End of Absalom
December 22, 2019

The End of Absalom

Passage: 2 Samuel 18:1-19:8
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Questions to think about:

  1. Is David still the Lord's anointed?
  2. What is David's strategy at this point?
  3. What is the irony with the word "sent" since David's sin with Bathsheba?
  4. How many generals did David have?
  5. What would have happened if David's servants went to any other general?
  6. How well did David's servants know Joab?
  7. How did Absalom end up by himself alone in the forest without his armor bearers?
  8. Was Absalom under a curse?
  9. How was Joab an interesting character?
  10. Is there any indicators that Joab feels somewhat responsible for Absalom's sins?
  11. Where else in scripture do we see this type of burial in the Old Testament?
  12. Who was the only other person noted in scripture for making a pillar for himself?
  13. What does this story teach us about the "ripple-effect" of rebellion?
  14. Could this text be used to give applications/advice on parenting?

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